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Now TeleYemen Internet Dialup (Ynet) is totally free of charge – no monthly charge , effective from August 2010.

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To keep abreast of the times and to fulfill our mission of linking Yemen to the world, TeleYemen introduced the Internet service back in September 1996 branded as then, this service has developed to keep pace with advances in the field. Now, you can enjoy better and more efficient browsing, downloading and e-mailing.
Using our web base e-mail access, customers can access their e-mail from anywhere in the world. Customer’s e-mail boxes are designed to cope with heavy e-mail traffic.

Complementary information : doesn’t only provide the connection, it also provides you with the tools to get started and be up and running in no time.

Once you sign a Service Access Agreement, you will get free CD that could configure your PC for the e-mail & Internet connection.


  • Free unlimited access to the internet from any landline and from anywhere in Yemen
  • 50 MB of e-mail box space or size
  • Accept attachment up to 10MB in each e-mail
  • Powerful firewall to protect your PC from viruses and spam
  • Better web mail control and management
  • Pop e-mail account that can be used with outlook
  • Free set up with starter kit CD to configure your dialup and outlook
  • Reliability & professional after-sales services
  • Access restrictions using caller line identification (CLI) if required
  • Faster data communication
  • Faster document delivery
  • Professional after sales services


  • 100 % Free of charge

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