Yemen International Telecommunications Company (TeleYemen) denies all allegations accusing it of failure to comply with its obligations towards the AAE1 submarine-cable or any instalment payment related thereto. TeleYemen continues to call for the need to isolate  the telecommunications services from any and all political disputes or agendas.

Yemen International Telecommunications Company (TeleYemen)  expressed its deep regret over the recent media reports and malicious allegations which claimed the use of TeleYemen  revenue in financing military actions in favour of one of the parties to the ongoing political conflict, as well as allegations that  it failed to fulfil the Investment obligations in the AAE-1 submarine-cable and it's landing station in Aden. 

TeleYemen wishes to state and confirm that all such allegations made are false and inaccurate, and have absolutely no basis. TeleYemen wish to state that such allegations are intended to distort the image of TeleYemen and create pretexts to justify the creation of another International Gateway in the city of Aden, which has been announced recently in the framework of the plans targeting TeleYemen and the telecommunications sector in general.

TeleYemen  is a limited liability company and it distributes its revenue in accordance with its Article of Association, governing laws, and agreements signed with international and local partners to fulfil its obligations and to finance its operating and capital expenditures.

As part of its plan to keep abreast of technological developments and respond to market demands, TeleYemen invested in the AAE-1 submarine-cable and it's landing station in Aden and

signed  Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to join the cable consortium in April 2013. Construction work of the cable began in May 2014, and after the outbreak of war in March 2015, the construction work continued to progress. Despite the security and political escalations associated with the outbreak of war, especially with the landing station located in the city of Aden, TeleYemen made great efforts to complete the project in the belief that it will serve all Yemenis in all the territory of the Republic of Yemen. Accordingly, TeleYemen supervised the completion of the project and paid all the due amounts through 100% self-financing. The construction of the sub-cable and landing station in Aden city was completed and entered into service in September 2017.

TeleYemen explained that the nature of its international operations necessitated managing its resources and preparing its accounts in accordance with international standards. Its accounts are audited by highest ranked international  auditing firms, which gives credibility to the company's accounts and its compliance with international standards. TeleYemen reassures and confirms that since the   outbreak of the war the accounts have been reviewed and attested  by one of biggest 4 international auditing firms , which refutes the allegations related to the use of the company's revenue to support military actions in any way, and TeleYemen denies all allegations related to the company's failure to meet its international obligations related to the AAE-1 submarine- cable project, which have been fully settled according to the transactions supporting documents.

In its statement, TeleYemen reiterated that the creation  of new bodies within the telecommunications sector  under the current crises will lead to the collapse of the telecommunications sector and will impact other sectors, especially in the educational, health and humanitarian fields. It will deprive citizens from telecommunications services, which have become a basic need protected by all constitutions worldwide.

TeleYemen called on all local, regional and international parties to isolate telecommunications services from the current political dispute, and to isolate it  from any conflicts, and to maintain the Telecommunications sector in its existing professional status as independent from politics. It urged all parties to avoid creating any new entities or take any decisions that affect the functioning of institutions, bodies and companies operating in the telecommunications sector.

It is worth mentioning  that Yemen International Telecommunications Company (TeleYemen ) is the International Gateway of the Republic of Yemen and has the exclusive right to provide international telecommunications services under the license granted to it by the Yemeni governments since 1972. Therefore, the exploitation of the current conditions in Yemen to create  another International Gateway  in Aden is a flagrant violation of the rights of TeleYemen which continues to perform its national role as an independent international gateway to the Republic of Yemen professionally and in a an absolutely neutral manner, away from political strife , by providing services to all citizens in  all territories  in the Republic of Yemen.