TeleYemen's Customer Service Center assist customers by providing a single point of access for information of customers queries and / or complaints. By dialing 8000153 customers will be connected to our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. By following a series of voice prompts, the caller can learn about any of our services, gain information about his account and have his/her enquiries or complaints answered. If further information or assistance is needed, call center agents may be contacted by pressing zero (whilst connected to the IVR system).

The Center offers the following main supports to customers:

  • Information on TeleYemen services.
  • How to obtain services.
  • Cost of services.
  • Terms and conditions of services.
  • Balances & general enquiries of customer's accounts.
  • Assistance with general enquiries and complaints.
  • Details on TeleYemen branches and offices.

Other Service Numbers:

  • 8000153 Connect international calls via operator.
  • 8000153 Answer customers enquiries about international codes.
  • for more inquires about YahCLick service please call 8000152