The project has targeted 220 schools in 9 districts of the capital secretariat and the main and noble aim is to relieve sufferings and stand by schoolteachers especially in these hard conditions and circumstances for the sake of continued and sustainable educational process. It has been implemented by the School Nutrition and Humane Relief in partnership with the Helping Hands for Development & Relief Organization as well as the observant, the Civil Enhancement Network.

During the launching event, TY CEO, Dr. Ali Nagi Nosary talked briefly to the media stating, “We are so pleased that TeleYemen is providing assistance hands and relieving the sufferings of school-teachers as they are one of the most important segments in community, who made great efforts all over the schooling year in light of no salaries as result of the 3-year unjust aggression and blockage imposed on Yemen” We hope that this project would relieve sufferings a little bit though, hoping that the alike companies of the public and private sectors may follow suit in order that they can contribute into improving the conditions of schoolteachers.