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Monday, December 12, 2016 Webmaster News & Activities 7222
Minister of Telcom & Information Technology, His Excellency Gulaidan M. Gulaidan paid an inspection visit to TeleYemen headquarters, Monday 12.12.2016. During his tour to TY departments and divisions, he was debriefed by TY CEO, Dr. Ali Nagi Nosari, on TY telecom and Internet services, YahClick. The Minister met TY leaders, the CEO, DCEO, and Chief Officers.
Saturday, March 11, 2017 Webmaster News & Activities 7180
TY top management held a honoring event for the community-based organizations and human relief foundations which partook in TY-funded Emergency Relief Project-2 for IDPs. The project package included 10,000 food baskets to be delivered to IDPs in 12 governorates (Sana’a, Aden, Al Dhale’e, Amran, Ibb, Taiz, Saada, Hodeidah, Dhamar, Abyan, and Hajjah) at an amount of Yr.

The General Assembly of Yemen International Telecommunications Company (TeleYemen) deplores and condemns the continued attempts to defame the company through the promotion of claims and malicious accusations alleging the use of the Company's revenue to finance military actions in favor of one of the parties to the current dispute and that the company impedes the development of the telecommunications sector.

The General Assembly warns against using those invalid accusations and allegations to justify targeting TeleYemen as the International Gateway for telecom and internet services through the creation of unauthorized entities and issuing illegal decisions in an attempt to impersonate the company’s identity, in addition to impeding it from using its owned capacity in the submarine cable AAE-1, and imposing embargo on the telecom equipment required to run the company’s operations.

We would like to confirm that affecting the neutralization of the telecom services by involving them in the ongoing conflict will lead to catastrophic consequences resulting in the destruction of the telecom sector, and consequently depriving citizens from one of their human rights, thousands of telecom employees and their families from their salaries, as well as hundreds of thousands of investors in the Postal Funds savings from their sole source of income. We also affirm that the impacts of such catastrophic acts will not be limited to the telecom sector, but will include impeding the activities work of other sectors such as the International humanitarian and rescue activities, the health care services, the educational institutions, the financial/ banking services, in addition to all aspect of business sector.

The General Assembly expresses its condemnation of what has been published recently in various media about what so called the meeting of TeleYemen General Assembly in Aden city and the resulting decisions allegedly completing the transfer of TeleYemen’ s Head Office to Aden and the creation of a new management.

In this context, we affirm that the General Assembly of TeleYemen has not held any meeting in the city of Aden, as reported by the media, and the attendees at the meeting do not have any legal capacity to represent TeleYemen, therefore the meeting is invalid and the relevant decisions are illegal. Furthermore, we already confirmed previously that the decisions issued by the Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology in Aden on January 2019 concerning the appointment of a new CEO and the transfer of the Teleyemen's Head Office to the city of Aden were not valid because they were not issued by the legitimate General Assembly of TeleYemen according to its Articles of Association and the Commercial law. Therefore, the attempt to legalize those decisions through an illegal meeting that does not represent the General Assembly of TeleYemen is another evidence of their invalidity and illegality.

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TeleYemen, and its General Assembly, represented by the Public Telecommunications Corporation, which owns 75% of the shares, and the Postal Savings Fund, which owns 25% of the shares (and the Fund has about 600,000 Yemeni citizens as investors), are still operating from Sana'a where the head office, technical infrastructure, and their departments, in addition to thousands of employees are located. Therefore, it is not simply conceivable to concede managing TeleYemen through a series of decisions that can be implemented on the ground, ignoring the destiny of thousands of employees, and the main technical infrastructure of the company.
Furthermore, such decisions do not take into account the challenges that arose as a result of the current conflict. Therefore, in addition to being illegal, these decisions are also unrealistic and carry a political agenda that will lead to the emerging of a crisis and the repercussions of which will far exceed the consequences of the transfer of the Central Bank of Yemen. These decisions will result in the destruction of telecommunications services and the internet; and thus, will lead to increasing the suffering of Yemeni citizens and depriving them from one of their human rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the law.

TeleYemen and other companies and corporations operating in the field of telecommunications are considered service companies by nature, so they should not be involved in the political disputes between the conflicting parties. The conflict has divided the areas of control between the conflicting parties, which, according to United Nations reports, do not exempt all parties from continuing to apply the applicable laws in all regions, especially those relating to human rights. It should be noted that all companies and corporations operating in the telecommunications sector, including those owned by the private sector, are still operating from their headquarters located in Sana'a in accordance with the applicable laws and license agreements. TeleYemen’ s presence in Sana'a, like all other companies and corporations operating in the telecommunications sector, as well as other commercial companies, does not justify targeting and discrediting it, claiming that it uses its revenue to finance the military actions of one of the conflicting parties. TeleYemen is a limited liability company that distributes its revenue in accordance with its Articles of Association, signed agreements and the applicable laws to cover its capital, and operating expenses, and fulfil its obligations towards international and local operators, as well as tax and Zakat obligations and the profit of the shareholders. This applies to the shareholders of the company, where the Public Telecommunications Corporation (PTC) depends on its share of the revenues from TeleYemen to maintain and develop the local network, and pay the salaries of more than ten thousand employees distributed across all Yemeni governorates. On the other hand, the share of the Postal Savings Funds is used to pay dividends to more than 600,000 Yemeni investors.

TeleYemen accounts have always been audited by the highest ranked international auditing firms which give credibility to the company’s accounts and its compliance with the international standards and accordingly refutes the allegation related to the use of the company’s revenue to support military actions in any way.

Saying that TeleYemen is hindering the development of the telecom sector in Yemen is misleading information. TeleYemen since its establishment in 1972 has been leading the development of Yemeni telecom sector in all aspects. Recently, TeleYemen has invested in two strategic submarine cables (AAE-1 & SMWE-5) with a cost of approximately 80 million US dollars.

When the war broke out in March 2015, construction of the AAE-1 submarine cable was still underway. Despite the security and political difficulties associated with the outbreak of the war, especially with the landing station in the city of Aden, TeleYemen made relentless efforts to complete the project believing that it would serve all the citizens in all parts of the Republic of Yemen. TeleYemen managed the completion of the project and making it ready by Sept.2017 and made all due payments which was 100% self-financing.

Despite the challenges imposed by the conflict since March 2015, TeleYemen continued to perform its national role as the international gateway for the Republic of Yemen for telecommunications and internet services with professionalism and neutrality by providing services to all citizens in all territory of the Republic of Yemen. Therefore, The General Assembly calls upon all parties and international bodies to neutralize the telecommunications services; keeping the telecom sector apart from the political influences/interference, to maintain the telecommunications sector in the current professional structure,; and refrain from the creation of new entities or take any decisions that negatively affect the operations of the corporations and the companies within the telecommunications sector considering that telecommunication service is one of the basic human rights.

Issued by General Assembly of Yemen International Telecommunications Company (TeleYemen)

Sana’a, Republic of Yemen



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