Teleyemen is pleased to announce the return of the international internet connection in Yemen through the sea cable “Falcon” and the re-operation of internet services following the completion of the repair process of the Falcon sea cable on 10 PM Thursday 13.02.2020 within a record time with close follow up from TeleYemen with the Falcon sea cable company to speed up the repair process.

It is not worth that the repair of the cable and the return of internet services to their normal situation within a record time and based on the schedule announced by the company earlier is an evidence of the credibility and professionalism of the telecommunications sector and companies operating in it. And this refutes all the rumours and the misinformation that spread recently. The company confirms that it upholds to the practices of credibility and professionalism the local and international levels.

TeleYemen confirms that it worked through the hour during the sea cable disconnection time to provide additional emergency capacities to ensure the continued internet services but the practices of some parties to thwart these efforts were visible as they disconnected the additional emergency capacities owned by the company in the sea cable Aden – Djibouti causing the complete lack of internet services during the past few days and the deprivation of citizens in different parts of Yemen of one of their basic human rights.

TeleYemen also highlights that these parties continue to prevent the Company from using the capacities owned by the company in the different sea cables that would have ensured the continued internet service in the country without any interruptions. The risk of service interruptions is still standing and the responsibility of that lies on these parties.

In this context, TeleYemen asserts that the attempts of these parties to deny their illegal practices is an act of window dressing and misleading of the public opinion and will not relieve these parties from their legal and human responsibility. TeleYemen reserves all its legal rights to sue all the perpetrators of these practices at the local and international levels.

In this respect, TeleYemen re-invites the international community to neutralise telecommunication services and avert the impacts of the ongoing conflict on this vital sector. Telecommunication services have become a basic human right enshrined in international laws.

TeleYemen also appeals to the international community to lobby to allow the Company to use its existing capacities in the sea cables in the city of Aden in order to minimise the risk of relying on a single source for the provision of internet services to Yemen.

In conclusion, TeleYemen reiterates its apologies to all the citizens of the country for the interrupted internet services in the past weeks and confirms that it follows the principles of professionalism and neutrality in providing its services to all citizens in all parts of the country. TeleYemen is committed to exerting all efforts possible to address the impacts of any future interruptions and its determination to effectively participate in developing telecommunication services as a key leverage to achieve progress in other sectors.

Friday, 13.02.2020

Head Office, TeleYemen, Sana’a