TeleYemen reconfirms that the repair of the submarine cable is progressing as planned and that the internet service will return to normal during the third week of February, as specified in the most recent statement issued by the company, and there have been no updates according to submarine cable company confirmation.

TeleYemen categorically denies the fabricated and unfounded news recently circulated by some media outlets, about delaying the cable repair process, and it expresses its sincere regret and surprise over the promotion of such rumors targeting the company, calling on all media to seek credibility and consider the ethical professional principles of free and honest journalism.

TeleYemen confirms its utmost attention to restore services as soon as possible and that its team works around the clock to proceed the repair process according to the announced schedule. It also confirms that it is continuing to work professionally and impartially in order to provide telecommunication and internet services to all citizens in all governorates of the Republic of Yemen despite the continued prevention and denial of using its alternatives, i.e. its international capacities in submarine cables.

TeleYemen reiterates its appeal to the international community, European Union countries and the United Nations, and on the top of them the international envoy to Yemen, to enable TeleYemen to use its own alternative capacities. It also calls for action to lift the blockade off the telecommunications sector and keep it uninvolved in the conflicts.


Thursday, January 30th, 2020

TeleYemen HQs, Sana'a