Out of TeleYemen’s concern and its belief in the importance of keeping its customers and all internet users in Yemen informed of the latest updates on the FALCON submarine cable cut in the Gulf of Suez on Thursday February 9th, 2020, and the measures taken by TeleYemen until this moment to ensure the continuation of internet services and international calls, it would like to clarify the following:

  • TeleYemen is carefully following all the steps and procedures taken by the owner of FALCON submarine cable, which in turn confirmed to TeleYemen that the repair of the FALCON submarine cable will take place during the third week of February 2020.
  • TeleYemen company briefed the European Union ambassadors during their presence in Sana'a this week about the internet cut repercussions in Yemen, which TeleYemen had previously warned of in previous occasions and stressed on the importance of their intervention to enable TeleYemen to use its alternatives, i.e. its own capacities in the submarine cables which it has not been able to benefit from so far. It also stressed the need to work to keep telecommunication and internet services uninvolved in conflicts, which are a basic and human right guaranteed by all constitutions and laws.
  • TeleYemen regrets the persisting rumors promoting that the reasons for the internet cut are due to the failure of TeleYemen to pay off debts owed to the company that owns the FALCON submarine cable. In this context, TeleYemen confirms that these rumors are false as TeleYemen is committed to paying all international and local business partners. It should be noted that TeleYemen's accounts are audited by one of the largest auditing firms in the world, which refutes those rumors circulating on this matter. Accordingly, TeleYemen renews its call to everyone to seek credibility and objectivity.
  • TeleYemen is making great and continuous efforts around the clock to gradually provide the internet service with temporary emergency capacities to ensure the continuity of the internet services, so as to provide acceptable speeds for all uses and applications. It should be noted that the service has improved significantly compared to the first days of the cable cut.

TeleYemen reiterates its appeal to the international community, European Union countries and the United Nations, and on the top of them the international envoy to Yemen, to enable TeleYemen to use its own alternative capacities. It also calls for action to lift the blockade off the telecommunications sector and keep it uninvolved in the conflicts.

Thursday, January 30th, 2020

TeleYemen HQs, Sana'a