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Monday, December 12, 2016 Webmaster News & Activities 15672
Minister of Telcom & Information Technology, His Excellency Gulaidan M. Gulaidan paid an inspection visit to TeleYemen headquarters, Monday 12.12.2016. During his tour to TY departments and divisions, he was debriefed by TY CEO, Dr. Ali Nagi Nosari, on TY telecom and Internet services, YahClick. The Minister met TY leaders, the CEO, DCEO, and Chief Officers.
Saturday, March 11, 2017 Webmaster News & Activities 15831
TY top management held a honoring event for the community-based organizations and human relief foundations which partook in TY-funded Emergency Relief Project-2 for IDPs. The project package included 10,000 food baskets to be delivered to IDPs in 12 governorates (Sana’a, Aden, Al Dhale’e, Amran, Ibb, Taiz, Saada, Hodeidah, Dhamar, Abyan, and Hajjah) at an amount of Yr.


The Yemeni Company for International Communications - TeleYemen stated that on Thursday January 9th, 2020, more than 80% of the international capacities for internet services went out of service as a result of the FALCON international subsea cable cut in the Red Sea - Gulf of Suez near the port of Suez. The company indicated that the cutting was caused by an anchor drag by a large merchant vessel, according to the company owning the FALCON marine cable, GCX. TeleYemen confirmed that the repair process is being

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followed by the company staff around the clock.

In the same context, the company assured that it is making great efforts to provide temporary emergency capacities to ensure the continuity of the internet service until the completion of the repair process and full return of the service.

The company also reported that the FALCON subsea cable cut affected the internet service in Yemen alongside several countries in the region, such as Sudan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The impact on Yemen has been more severe compared to other countries connected to the cable as a result of the current crisis conditions that forced TeleYemen to heavily rely on the FALCON subsea cable as a main source for providing international capacities and as a result of preventing TeleYemen from using its other alternatives to ensure the continuity of the internet service without interruption. In this context, the company asserted that as a matter of its responsibility as an international portal for telecommunications and internet services, it has a number of options and alternatives, but the company was unable to benefit from them, which are as follows:

  • Cutting land cables with Saudi Arabia, which its outlets were destroyed by the ongoing war.
  • The AAE-1 subsea cable and its landing station in Aden, which the company invested in and possesses large international capacities costing $40 million, and it has been ready for use since September 2017, but the company has not been able to use the capacities owned therein as a result of the restriction on the telecommunications sector.
  • The SMW5 subsea cable, which the company invested in and has large international capacities costing nearly $30 million, and entered into service in June 2017, but the company was unable to benefit from these capacities because it was not possible to complete the construction of the marine cable and its landing station in Hodeidah as a result of the restriction and blockade.

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    TeleYemen company also expressed its regret for the rumors and false news being circulated through some media and social media platforms which claim that the Falcon subsea cable cut is due to the failure of TeleYemen to pay off debts owed to the company owning this cable, in addition to other fabricated causes being promoted. In this regard, the company confirms that these allegations are totally false and thus calls on all citizens to be aware and to seek credibility and not be drawn into the promotion and circulation of such rumors and misleading news that aim to discrediting the company and stirring public opinion against it.TeleYemen notes that since its foundation in 1971, it has been keen to adhere to the standards of credibility and transparency, which enabled it to gain its reputation and high reliability locally and internationally. Despite the challenges since the beginning of the crisis, TeleYemen has been working professionally and impartially and making great efforts to ensure the continuity of providing internet services to all citizens in all Yemeni governorates without exception.In conclusion, TeleYemen expresses its regret and apology to all citizens for this cutting which is completely beyond its control and confirms that it will remain committed to performing its services according to the best standards.